Amit Jaglan

Professor, SPA Delhi

Dr. Amit Kumar Jaglan, is currently working at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi as an Assistant Professor since August 2022. Following M.Arch. in Sustainable Architecture from Central University, Rajasthan, he interned with IIT-Kanpur in IWD (Indian Works Department), Low-Cost Housing, and a few public as well as commercial projects. His postgraduate studies were supported by the Educational Grant awarded by MHRD. This led him to his awareness of today’s lifestyle and at the same time the urgent need for a new lens toward Waste Management and Recycling Policies at the campus level while teaching. This introspection emerged in Amit’s interest in experimental research, and he started his Ph.D. at IIT-Kharagpur in 2017 for which he received a Senior Research Fellowship from MHRD in January 2017. As a part of his Ph.D. program, he was also working as a Senior Research Fellow for Facility Programming & Specialized Building Design, Infrastructure Monitoring, Analytics Laboratory, Solid Waste Management, and Hazardous Waste Management. In 2019, he got selected to work on the project “Sea to Source: Ganges” river expedition, in partnership with the Wildlife Institute of India organized by “National Geographic” (Project Code: NGPP).