Lifestyle, Energy Efficiency, and Climate Action

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Proceedings of Energise 2023

The proceedings of Energise aims to create a pivotal platform for professionals addressing energy and sustainability challenges specific to evolving economies, allowing their findings to resonate with both national and international audiences. Such proceedings will cultivate broader understanding amongst the global academic, engineering, and planning communities about the distinct challenges faced by nations like India. Introducing fresh perspectives to these multifaceted issues will pave the way for innovative solutions. We anticipate that in time, scholars, engineers, and planners globally will be drawn to these challenges, fostering collaborative solutions. This mutual exchange between professionals from developed and developing economies will foster a deeper comprehension of energy and sustainability issues universally. As Energise proceedings evolve, it is poised to become a premier platform where global thought leaders will be eager to showcase their insights. While the proceedings aim to spotlight challenges predominant in developing economies, it will encompass all facets of energy and sustainability. Click here to view the past proceedings –

Energy Efficiency First Journal

Energy efficiency, a cornerstone in the realm of scientific innovation, not only serves as a bedrock of sustainability but also plays a pivotal role in shaping various human activities across an array of fields and industries. Its vastness and multi-dimensional nature, while being its strength, also make it intricate, often leading to challenges in capitalizing on its complete potential and wide-scale implementation. “Energy Efficiency First” stands at the forefront of this challenge. By striving to bring definition, coherence, and spotlight to the diverse studies and applications associated with energy efficiency, the journal endeavours to provide a platform that bridges gaps, stimulates discourse, and fosters innovation, enriching research paradigms, fuelling economic progress, and fortifying societies across the globe. Our primary focus aligns with the global urgency—mitigating climate and environmental threats, adeptly navigating the complexities of energy transitions, and championing the cause of inclusive and sustainable growth for all. Diving deeper, our extended editorial encompasses a journey through the annals of energy efficiency’s storied past, meticulously tracing its evolution. By weaving together historical insights and modern perspectives, we aim to construct a holistic and ground-breaking framework, deeply anchored in foundational principles. This not only sets the stage for robust scholarly debates but also forms the basis for actionable solutions. Further, the editorial elucidates the vision, ambition, and the driving forces that birthed this unique venture, casting a light on our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of energy efficiency.