Monisha Royan

Analyst, International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), New York

Monisha Royan is an architect, sustainability specialist and entrepreneur focused on building energy performance and climate-responsive design. She has applied sustainable design solutions in new construction and building retrofits in India. She has also worked with an internationally diverse team in Germany and Cyprus and promoted the reuse of material through experimental parametric architecture. She founded WindSSim that educates students, trains faculty, and professionals using the Water Table apparatus to make actionable design decisions to improve natural ventilation in buildings. She has also presented her research on mixed-mode ventilation to reduce cooling and carbon emissions while improving indoor air quality in buildings at Inspire 2017 (Jaipur), PLEA 2018 (Hong Kong), IBPSA (Rome) conferences. She has published her research paper in Energy and Buildings 2020 Journal. Monisha is also interested to explore computational building design, Life Cycle Assessment, Daylighting, and Energy Modeling.