Panel Leader – Sameer Maithel

Independent Clean Energy & Sustainability Practitioner

Sameer is a Clean Energy & Sustainability Practitioner. He is an Engineer by training and works for the development and dissemination of energy-efficient, low carbon, environmentally sustainable solutions in buildings, building materials production, small & micro industries, and urban communities. His work covers identification and testing of technical solutions; development and implementation of dissemination programmes; policy development and advocacy; training & capacity building.

Over a career spanning over 30 years, he has contributed in:

  • Dissemination of energy-efficient/less polluting brick firing technologies in several thousand brick kilns in South Asia (India, Nepal, Bangladesh).
  • Dissemination of solutions for energy efficient, low carbon and thermally comfortable residential buildings in the building industry.
  • Monitoring and analyzing operational & embodied energy of buildings, carbon footprint and thermal properties of building materials, energy and environment performance of building material manufacturing enterprises.
  • Development of the national code (Eco-Niwas Samhita or Energy Conservation Code for Residential Buildings) and policies, roadmaps and programmes on sustainable buildings, resource efficient building materials & decentralized renewable energy applications.
  • Designing and conducting capacity building programmes for professionals (architects, engineers, government officials) and entrepreneurs.
  • He holds a degree in BE (Mech) from MNIT, Jaipur followed by M.Tech & Ph.D. degrees in Energy Systems Engineering from IIT, Bombay.