Prajakta Dalal Kulkarni

Prof. Prajakta Kulkarni, BNCA

Prajakta is an accomplished environmental architect and consultant with over 14 years of academic and professional experience. She is an associate professor at the Department of Environmental Architecture & Planning of BNCA and co-founder of Third Wave Environmental Design Pune, a consultancy firm specializing in environmental design. Prajakta’s expertise lies in climate-responsive, zero-energy design, and she holds a post-graduate degree in Environmental Architecture from Pune University, where she graduated with a gold medal.

Prajakta is a certified IGBC AP, GRIHA Evaluator & Trainer, and MSME-approved certified solar energy professional. She has worked on several Green Building certifications, including LEED, IGBC, and GRIHA, for various projects across India. Prajakta has conducted training sessions and workshops for GRIHA, CREDAI, and Nashik Municipal Corporation and has been invited to speak on national and international platforms.

Prajakta has contributed significantly to several initiatives in the field of environmental sustainability. She was a trainer for NIUA’s CSCAF training for Maharashtra government officials for the ‘Green Buildings Adoption & Promotion’ subject and was part of the regional curator team for the UN Global Conference titled ‘INNOVATE4CITIES.’ She was instrumental in the ECBC Capacity Building and Awareness Program for Pune Region for MEDA. Additionally, she was involved in preparing the ECBC materials directory for MEDA.