Sumedha Malaviya

Senior Manager, Energy Program, World Resource Institute

Sumedha is a Senior Manager within the Energy Program at World Resource Institute India, where she specializes in building sector decarbonization and urban energy transition. Her responsibilities include serving as the project manager for the Zero Carbon Buildings Accelerator (ZCBA), a global initiative that assists governments in reducing carbon dioxide emissions from buildings by developing national ZCB roadmaps and subnational action plans, as well as implementing policies to promote the transition to zero-carbon buildings. In addition to leading research initiatives on building efficiency and residential sector energy use, Sumedha also conducts research on behaviour change interventions in the energy sector, with a focus on clean energy transition and energy governance.

Prior to joining WRI, Sumedha worked at ICF International, where she provided advisory services on energy-efficient appliances, Demand Side Management, and Low Emissions Development projects. She has co-authored book chapters and numerous articles on climate and energy topics in peer-reviewed journals.

Sumedha holds a Master’s degree in Natural Resources Management from TERI University in New Delhi, India.