Yash Shukla

CEPT University

Dr Yashkumar Shukla is the Principal Researcher and Center Head of Centre for Advanced Research in Building Science and Energy (CARBSE). Dr Shukla has more than seventeen years of international experience in conducting research and in providing consulting serves in the domain of building energy efficiency. He has served as a lead on several ground-breaking energy-efficiency research projects including low energy cooling and ventilation system in Indian residences, evaluation of innovative cooling technologies, and monitoring and benchmarking of Indian buildings. His current research also includes calibration of simulation models, smart grids, low cooling energy systems, performance characterization of the novel envelope and air conditioning systems, and development of the next-generation control algorithms. He is presently serving as a team lead on the technical assistance program by Asian Development Bank focused on building disease resilient, smart, energy-efficient air conditioning systems for developing member countries. His prior work experience also includes providing technical support in designing and implementing demand-side management (DSM) programs energy-efficiency programs for electric utilities throughout the US.